Why join?

  • Keep informed of relevant issues. We send an email usually once or twice a month (occasionally more often) with information about closures, new infrastructure, advocacy issues, meetings, and other items of interest to UQ cyclists.
  • Get advice on cycle commuting and UQ related issues: end of trip facilities, routes, building issues, etc.
  • Get a bike buddy to show you the ropes of cycle commuting and useful routes in your area. Or become one!
  • Have your say on what UQ BUG should be doing and lobbying for. What affects you on a daily or weekly basis?
  • Help give UQ BUG a louder voice in its advocacy efforts. More members make facilities more interested in listening to us, and members are welcome to help out with our advocacy efforts.
  • It’s completely free, so why wouldn’t you?

Find out more about what UQ BUG is and what it does.

How do I join?

Let us know if you are interested in finding other cyclists at your school or in your building, or if you have any facility or other issues you’d like some help in addressing.

What else?

You might also like to get involved with UQ BUG by:

  • Joining the email discussion group, and/or
  • Asking us about (or volunteering to help with) any of the other things we do.

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